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A Guide To Find Favorite Gift for Fellow Otaku

Whether for one of the famous Golden Week holidays or for Christmas gift, birthday or even graduation, choosing the right gift for the anime fans can feel like a difficult and hard task. A lot of times, most people expect giving an Otaku all sorts of things with a licensed Japanese anime character on it can certainly make for a wonderful gift, but in truth, anybody comes with difference tastes and preferences, and not all merchandise are made equal. So to help overcome many of the stress, allow me to share excellent gift guide at every single price range.


Over $200 are expensive

Although the iPad can be an awesome gift for anybody, it can be really great for the anime fans in particular. The iPad can become a multimedia player on the go, unencumbered by the dependence on DVD input. Considering most media is little by little heading towards streaming or downloadable material, portable DVD players are not what they used to be concerning price, and you can not grab the latest fan subs DVD in any event.

A Guide To Find Favorite Gift for Fellow Otaku

$100-$200 are standard

Not to be baffled with action figures or nendoroid, these kind of detailed, large figurines express the beloved anime characters in vibrant poses and full colors. These kind of top quality items may be hard to find except your gift is a Japanese import, which makes much more treasured and valuable.

Below $100 are cheap

Even more simple than an anime t-shirt, what Otaku couldn’t feel classy in Vash the Stampede’s sunglasses or even Uraha Kisuke’s hat from Bleach anime series. Some of the most well-known anime series are notable for their character and costume patter, and by providing your favorite anime fan the gift of a good quality reproduction, you are assisting him or her be classy as well as excited to show off their fandom and cosplay.

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