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Choujigen Game Neptune – Which Better, Anime or Game?

I am a massive overzealous fan of the Choujigen Game Neptune games, and have also earned myself a little of reptutation on Youtube by uploading something like walkthrough video, but without commentary. It’s because the game has already filled with dialogue, so I feel don’t have any chance to speak or so.

Choujigen Game Neptune - Which Better, Anime or Game

Besides on the game, I also love the Anime adaptation, it looks like they did an awesome job combining the plots of the games with each other to make a detailed story line for an Anime that i presume is most likely only ever about to get this one season. The art work is wonderful and vibrant, and the character designs are as near to the game as possible with no Tsunako doing the animation alone. The audio quality is excellent and it is very comical and interesting.

As for the down sides, I can find only 2 that truly be noticed to me. This isn’t a series you’ll be able to just pick up just because the characters traits and the sense of humor never make many sense without playing the games first.

The second Downside is the English dub. At least for me, as a enthusiast of the games. Simply because, They swapped out 4 different characters seiyuu, and they decided to do an English dub for a song, which can be one of my pet peeves in the case of Anime. If you want to know more about the downsides, maybe you can read the Hyperdimension Neptunia review in other site that also provides a great information about the anime. The point that the song also has become the song for the opening theme of one of the video games, causes it to become far more bothersome to me.

And finally, the very first thing i assumed when i enjoyed the English dub of the Anime was “wow, i just realized that the more Purple Heart speaks, the less cool she tones. ” Since in the games, she would not talk all those things much, and once she does, she is commonly doling out either a wonderful passive-aggressive insult, or passing on a couple words of relationship and intelligence. So hearing her dialogue a great deal in the Anime took a lot of getting used to, but i realize why she speaks more, it could be boring if the main protagonist who by all criteria, in her human mode, is a standard chatty Cathy, were to avoid conversing when she switched into her Goddess mode.

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