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How To Balancing Photography Composition

How To Balancing Photography Composition

But then, how do you create the right balance The right balance can be created by introducing more objects in our scene so that our eye loses the main focus but is able to span throughout photography.

Here is an example of perfect composition, where a guide line, a subject, a balance balance (the two circles on the left) and a block (top right) physical are introduced for our eye to force it to span In the opposite direction.

We now come up with examples of equilibrium smiles multimedia, inspired by one of the masterpieces of the great Quentin Tarantino, who was co-directed by Robert Richardson, director of photography in the film.

In this first shot you can see the harmony of the scene. With the protagonist on the left and the tree weighing on the right. Our attention is also captured by the road, an oblique line that ends up against the pole, placed exactly at the center of the scene as if to split it into two.

Even in this second frame reads harmony picture and photo. Uma looks to the left side and looks at the stones placed in the background. The eye is also helped by the horizontal lines in the image.

And here’s a perfect balance example as long as you do not follow the rules above, the two heads make our eye literally bounce from one side to the other scanning the scene several times. Scene is scarce so our gaze can only focus on the two stars in the same way.

I suggest you take a look at the whole sequence from Kill Bill 2, The Massacre At Two Pines, since this piece is a real photography course concentrated in 5 minutes.

To conclude, carry two more emblematic balancing examples

The picture of Weston is perhaps one of the most glaring examples as well as famous for symmetry and harmony. Very noticeable symmetry along the axis that goes to the top left corner at the lower right corner crossing shoulder, knee and pubes. A second symmetry is also present on the vertical axis of the image itself.

Not only famous photographers this amateur photographer (AvisHek) has been able to recreate as simple and fascinating symmetry between the giraffe and the tree. Without forgetting the hill that rises to the right and the mountain that otherwise goes down to the right.

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