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Taste the Tasty of Tradewinds Green Tea

Brewed tea will be very much tasty to drink. One of the best brewed tea that offers you a fresh taste is the Tradewinds Green Tea. Many people try to make their own green tea with Tradewinds recipe as it is very much tasty to consume. If you need something fresh after a heavy work, why don’t you try this one? In these following paragraphs, you may find some easy steps to make your own tea that full of sweet taste and sensation. When you have already succeeded making your own tea, you can share it to those who you love to spend time together.

First, please prepare a half cup of honey and the green tea you like. In this case, you are allowed to use your favorite green tea so that you can make the new sensation of taste. Do not forget to prepare a tablespoon of lemon juice that is still fresh, and 1 oz. rum to make the taste stronger. The last thing you need to prepare is 4 leaves of spearmints. These are the ingredients to make your own Tradewinds Green Tea. Now, let’s move on to the step of making the delicious green tea.

All the ingredients should have been prepared well. You can decide the cup or the glass you want to use for you best taste of green tea. You can muddle the mint leaves and the lime juice that you have already prepared. After that, pour and mix all other ingredients in your cup or glass. These steps are finally done and you can serve your own Tradewinds Green Tea for special moments. For the better taste, you can add some ice cubes and make it cooler. So, it is not hard to make your own green tea with these steps above.

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