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The Healing Green, Oldenlandia

The neighbor’s grass is greener than the grass in our yard. That phrase is often spread when we are more interested in what belongs to others than be grateful for what we got.Grass is very versatile. Its name may appear in various figures of speech, and its form is also can be a source of fodder and another really great is that it can be used as drugs.



Its name is oldenlandia. oldenlandia is a weed plant belonging to the Rubiaceae family and is known by the name of the grass square, pearl leaf, or a snake’s tongue. This grass thrives in damp soils, in bare, wet garden, yard, sidewalk, and even gutter. oldenlandia has been known as a medicinal plant widely used in China, India and Southeast Asia to treat many types of diseases.


You will not get any difficulties to recognize these nutritious plants, here are its characteristics:

1. Scattering shady grass grow.
2. Plant height of about 15-50 cm.
3. Thrives in moist soil and is easy to grow on the side of the road, the edge of the ditch / gutter flow
4. Have many branches and leaf stems.
5. Dealing with cross leaf leaves 2-5 cm long, tapered tip of the leaf-shaped leaves and a single bone in the middle

In China, plant that was discovered by botanist Bernard Oldenland Denmark Henrik, is better known by the name of the shui xian cao which is already known efficacious to overcome various diseases. This grass is not like the ordinary grass, but its chemical substances are capable of inducing or stimulating blood flow and useful to address the other complaints.



Chemical content and benefits
Hentriacontane, stigmasterol, ursolic acid, oleanolic acid, beta-sitosterol, sitisterol-D-glucoside, p-coumaric acid, flavonoid glycosides (Khastgir et al., 1960), and baihuasheshecaosu (possibly analogous coumarin). The nature of the plant is a littlebitter sweet, soft, neutral, slightly cold. Has been known since the common ancestor to relieve fever and hepatoprotector (Mishra et al., 2009).


Next we include a way to mix these plants into medicines for some diseases:


  • Relieves bruises and sprains
    Take some oldenlandia leaves, and then wash thoroughly. Mash the whole plant and place in the sick body parts. It’s nothing wrong with adding a topical oil to provide more benefits.

    • Stimulates blood flow.
    Prepare 100 grams oldenlandia. Wash and then boil with five glasses of water (drinking glass size = 250 ml) to boiling, and left over two cups. To make not too tasteless, you can add rock sugar or honey to taste. But, if you have a disorder of blood sugar levels, you should drink without any mixing materials.


  • As an antioxidant beverage.
    Take 50-60 grams of fresh oldenlandia, then wash. Combine ginger to taste. Boil 3 cups of water to the remaining 2 cups. Cool and strain, take twice a day, each a glass. Add honey if desired.

    • Drugs for the hurt caused scalded.
    Take the fresh plant (leaves and stems) oldenlandia, wash. Boil all the grass with enough water. Use boiled water to wash the body scalded. After that, spread with the sap of the aloe vera every half hour in order to the wound dry quickly, and to prevent an infection.

    • Appendicitis
    50 grams of pearl grass washed boiled with 4 cups water to boil and the remaining 2 cups. The stew is taken 2 times a day, each 1-cup for 7 days.


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