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The Modern-Classic Style

The Modern-Classic Style

Your home reflects a perfect blend of modern and classic Then you are a real interior design addicted! The trend starring a morphology of furniture and contemporary accessories, combined with the beauty of the evergreen as, among other things, decorated Parisian-style paneling, curtains substantial and monumental retro lamps, it discovers more relevant than ever. Your home, as well furnished, surely win the podium of the most up to date homes with the times!

The bathroom cured

Increasingly targeted by designers and superstars, the bathroom is currently one of the functional areas of the house more carefully curated and modern. If your bathroom is inscribed in this type then you are on your way. It is in Scandinavian style with wooden furniture and white with clean lines, in minimal-chic style with a set of essential furniture and sanitary suspended, or who rediscovers shabby and country with rough wooden touches and wrought iron, the important thing is He is taken care of and to demonstrate its own trends as all other rooms in the home.

natural materials or natural effect

In the top 5 finishes in vogue today in interior design, there are undoubtedly natural materials such as wood and stones. Their eco-friendly aspect is an important factor that sees them protagonists of the scene. Similarly, ceramic tiles, resins, marble waste and new generation acrylic stones, have recently equipped to become similar and equally performing visually. In particular, the winner is the naturalness, that is so dear to the effects’ authentic living why veins, scars, knots and defects are enhanced as characteristic features and unique on floors and walls.

The wall system

A wall system is what it takes to complete an open space for all style and functionality. Exploit the space in its verticality is in fact a current trend and very consistent with the requirements of expansion that we all might have towards our house.

The wallpaper

Rediscovered and dusted off by not so far 70 years, the wallpaper is a beautiful and good symptom that your home will present trendy. In parallel to a style more country decor, rustic and marked by natural materials such as wood and stone, we find a preponderance of chart patterns, colorful and fun of wallpaper, ready to be glued to the wall or just a portion of it, and then removed once tired. Even the trendy colors such as blue and pink, trendy make the walls of the house, without forgetting a good dose of white, color loved modern decor par excellence.

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